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In the Name of God

Yesterday the martyrs, Today the friends, Tomorrow …, God willing

The Mohammad Rasullallah Jihadi Group has started its activities in 1385 with a group of committed young adults of Iran and since then it has tried to perform its obligations in a determined manner. MRJG has a background of taking Jihadi trips to Fars, Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad, Kurdistan and Kerman provinces. MRJG that has some Jihadi trips more than 15 days is going to achieve the targets below:


  1. Answering the orders of supreme leader (Ayatollah Khamenei) of the whole world’s Muslims
  2. Trying to educate leaders for establishing the government of Imam Mahdi (A.S)
  3. Broadcasting the message of Islamic revolution and the culture of Jihad and martyrdom to the whole world (According to the order of Imam Khomeini about exporting the Islamic Revolution)
  4. Trying to achieve the goals of Islamic Revolution according to the advices of Ayatollah Khomeini and Ayatollah Khamenei
  5. Supporting the poor and disadvantaged people and fighting against imperialism at any time and place


  1. Reading and following the orders of Leader Khamenei
  2. Using the books and teachers by means of weekly and monthly sessions
  3. Being active in cyber space by means of producing enough and suitable content
  4. Producing content in three languages like Persian, Arabic and English and broadcasting them in cyberspace and out of it through exhibitions in and out of Iran and also through Weblogs and Websites and presence in social networks
  5. Taking Jihadi trips (Jihadi trips are trips to poor areas of a country to help the people in different kinds) to poor and disadvantaged provinces in an Islamic way without any scent of racism
  6. Establishing loaning tradition to rehabilitate this ethical tradition
  7. Providing job opportunity in a cooperative way to achieve resistance economy

MRJG consists of some parts:

  1. Perforrmances

Taking Jihadi trips, making infrastructures and providing the needed headstocks for doing other parts

  1. Public relations:

Making relationships in and out of the group, answering the audiences and people, organizing the schedules and seminars, organizing the meetings, establishing the exhibitions (in and out of Iran), doing signing affairs for the trips and …

  1. Cyber space

In todays world the importance of cyberspace is clear to everybody. MRJG on its website:, Sangar (Private social network of the group), and active presence in the social networks (Afsaran, cloob, Aparat,…) and through having relationship with other Islamic and revolutionary Websites in the country has represented that this group has used this potential very well.

  1. International:

This part has stepped in to achieve the goals exporting the revolution according to the orders of Imam Khomeini the founder of the Islamic revolution of Iran and to establish the new Islamic civilization. It will be done through distributing the texts in different languages.

  1. Cultural activities

This part that is relevant to all affairs should take care of all the red lines of Islamic ideology and thoughts of the jihadi group. And it is also responsible for designing different Jihadi ….(To be done in group’s different Jihadi trips and to be distributed in the targeted community). This culture which is like the oxygen we breathe definitely needs many experts to do the right things about it. This part can educate these experts God willing.

  1. Economy

After clarifying the economic matters for the MRJG, the economy part was established in the early 1393 to achieve the economic goals of leader Khamenei. Rehabilitating loaning tradition, making capital through resistance economy, making job opportunities, rehabilitating cooperative traditions are some of the programs among the economic programs of MRJG.

  1. Media productions

This part is going to produce Media contents. Productions of this part alongside with cyberspace and international part can help us in achieving our goals. There may be a video clip, documentary or picture that can make an anti-imperialism wave among independent countries.

MRJG with all its potentials and skills is a very little work to be done for the government of Imam Mahdi…

And what we want to say is that we will resist until we haven’t surrendered to daily routines, until we resist till we can see suppression in the eyes of children in poor areas. Our motivation for the future is today’s friends, and our motivation for today is yesterday’s martyrs.


MRJG with its website welcome all dear audiences and can have relationship with all audiences just with this website not any other fake websites.

MRJG has official envoys in Fars, Sistan and Baluchestan, Kerman, Mazandaran, Tehran, Khorasan Razavi, Khorasan Jonubi, Alborz, Markazi, Bushehr, Khuzestan, Chaharmahal va Bakhtiyari, and Qom and can answer all of your responses. Members of the group can support the whole country if needed.

The main and legal logo of the MRJG, is the famous logo of Mohammad Rasulallah that you can see in the official website. Due to the similiarity of the names of some other groups, please know us only with our logo.

For the ease of communication, audiences can call each part in the near future.  

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